Tattooing is changed to being a generally accepted phenomenon in all layers of society.

It is not anymore for the criminals and bikers.

At Amsterdam Tattooing we notice this a lot.

All kinds of people belong to our regular costumer base.

The welcoming feeling inside the shop and the competence of our artists make a very appealing atmosphere. Our expert advice is a thing we cherish,

for it is a permanent addition to your body.

All our artists are capable of tattooing different styles.

Therefore we have a lot of different kinds of design in the shop,

but designs you take with you to the shop are also very welcome.

Custom artwork, designed and drawn for our clients are the artists favorites.

Naturally, hygiene is an important part of tattooing.

Placing the tattoo perfectly on your body is something we guarantee.

With this in mind we assure you will walk out the door with the best tattoo possible.


The GGD is a Dutch organization that makes rules and regulations for Tattoo Shops in regards of hygiene. Once every one and a half years they check the shops and,

if everything is correct, gives out a permit, to tattoo and pierce.

Without this permit it is not legal to tattoo or pierce.

Of course we have a permit and so you can trust that your body modification

will be done properly and by all regulations that exist.


Tattoo healing instructions


Remove the bandage or plastic after 3 hours and wash it with normal soap and water. Afterwards pat it dry with a dean towel/tissue or let it air-dry.

Apply a small amount of Bephanten or Calendula Cream.

You do not have to cover it again with plastic or a bandage, just the cream is enough!

Rub it in gently and repeat this for two/three times a day for at least a week.

Always wash it before applying a new layer of cream.

After the healing is done you can start using Vaseline or another type of cream

to keep the tattoo smooth.


While healing:

  • do not touch the tattoo with dirty fingers
  • wear cotton or some other natural fabric over the tattooed area
  • do not sunbathe (this also means tanning beds)
  • do not scratch the tattoo
  • do not swim or bathe or go the sauna


And remember the outcome of your tattoo is the result of how you take care of it!