Prices ( including jewellery) :




Earlobe euro 25.00 ( 2 for euro 40.00 )
Stretching earlobe per ear euro 25.00
Cartilage / Ear  / Tragus / Anti Tragus euro 40.00
Conch / Helix / Rook / Daith euro 40.00
Orbital euro 40.00
Industrial euro 60.00
Eyebrow euro 45.00
Nose euro 40.00
Septum euro 50.00
Bridge euro 50.00
Lip/labret euro 50.00



euro 50.00

euro 50.00

Madonna / Eskimo euro 50.00
Nipple euro 50.00  ( both 90.00 )
Belly button euro 50.00
Inner Labia / Outer Labia / Clitoral Hood / Christina euro 70.00
Prince albert /  Frenum  / Hafada / Pubic euro 70.00
Guiche euro 70.00
Surface euro 70.00
Dermal Anchor / Single Point euro 70.00






Piercings are a unique way of decorating the body and since a few years very popular in the main stream audience. Most popular places for piercings include the tongue,

belly button and lip. Of course there are many other piercings we specialize in,

for example all kinds of piercings for in the ear (cartilage), nose, nipple

and intimate piercings.

Of every kind of piercing we perform we can show you samples in our photo book.

There is also a new trend in piercing now, called the Dermal Anchor Piercing,

also known as a micro-dermal piercing.

This mini-implant is a unique decoration for the body.

Amsterdam Tattooing and Body Piercing offers a wide variety of piercing jewelry,

which concludes 18 karat gold and high quality jewelry with Swarovski crystals.

You do not need an appointment to get pierced and also for information you are

always welcome!


Aftercare piercing

Your new piercing is an open wound and can easily get infected,

so it’s very important that you take good care of it.

Before touching your piercing, make sure your hands are washed

with a disinfecting soap.



Wash your piercing 2 times a day with Sebamed soap OR SEA SALT SOLUTION.

Saturate the piercing with warm water and remove dried discharge

from the jewelry and around the piercing.

Lather the jewelry well with soap, then pull the jewelry back and forth

through the piercing.

Rinse thoroughly to make sure all traces of soap are removed.

If the jewelry won’t move, don’t force it!

Then you can just wash the outside.

After the washing pad the piercing dry, don’t rub it!


Don‘ts :

  • Do not use alcohol, Sterilon, Betadine(iodine) or Hydrogen peroxide, as they will dry and irritate the piercing.
  • Avoid make-up, shaving solutions, perfumes etc on or around your piercing.
  • Do not use Vaseline, Purol or other ointments or crèmes on your piercing. It will hold dirt and dust and your piercing needs oxygen.
  • Hard drugs, stress, lack of sleep and alcohol abuse have a negative effect on the healing process.
  • Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs with or without chlorinated water.
  • Do not wear any bandage or plaster over the piercing. The piercing must breathe!
  • Do not wear tight or dirty clothing over the piercing!
  • Don’t remove your jewelry during the healing process. We advise you to leave the  jewelry for at least an other year.

Do’s :

  • Eat and sleep well!
  • Always wear clean cotton clothing over the piercing.
  • Check-ups are free and there is no such thing as dumb questions, if you have a problem call us or stop by!


Oral piercings



In the first 4 hours after the piercing is placed, we advice you not to eat or smoke anything. (If you don’t smoke at all, the piercing will heal quicker then when you do smoke.)

After these 4 hours you can eat anything you like as long as it’s not to spicy.  Rinse your mouth 8 times daily with yellow Listerine, diluted with 50% water. Make sure your mouth is clean inside, so brush your teeth good.

Keep your mouth cold with ice-cubes, this avoids swelling. When your tong swells, the 2nd and 3rd day will be the worst, after your tong will slowly but surely get back to its old size. If your tong is swollen and you drink alcohol, it will swell even more.

So we advice you to not drink alcohol during the healing process. Do not play with your piercing. Avoid kissing and other sexual-oral contact during the healing process.



Wash the outside with Sebamed soap (see washing) or clean it

with a q-tip dipped in yellow Listerine.

After you eat something rinse your mouth with yellow Listerine.


Approximate time of healing:

Earlobe 6-9 weeks
Ear cartilage 3-9 months
Nose/septum 8-10 weeks
Lip/labret 8-10 weeks
Nipples 3-9 months
Belly button 6-9 months
Inner labia/clitoris hood 4-6 weeks
Prince Albert 6-8 weeks
Frenum 6-8 weeks
Eyebrow 6-8 weeks
Foreskin/hafada 6-8 weeks
Tongue 4-6 weeks
Outer labia/dydoe 3-6 months
Guiche/ampallang/apadravya 3-6 months


8-10 weeks