Welcome to Amsterdam Tattooing

Welcome to the website of Amsterdam Tattooing and Bodypiercing. Our shop is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is known for the vibrant atmosphere and the personal and professional attention given to your tattoo and piercing ideas.


Come in just to have a look at our tattoo-books or if you want to have more information about a piercing or tattoo project. There is always a floormanager present who will help you answer your questions. The floormanager is also the person who will help you book an appointment if you would like to get your tattoo on another time or day. For piercings you don’t need an appointment, just walk in! The shop has a very open vibe in which we speak many languages mixed together. On a normal day you might just here Dutch, English, Spanish, French and Polish in a single conversation.

Most of the time you can just walk in and get your tattoo right away.



Fans of PORTRAITS & REALISM - check this out!!!"







with a degree in graphic design and a few good teachers, Peter Twigt opens his first shop

in the Nieuwe Nieuwstraat; Amsterdam in 1983.

In 1986 he opens, forced by new houses being build, ‘Amsterdam Tattooing’ at the current location on the Nieuwe Zijds Armsteeg 4 in Amsterdam.


The shop is decorated with a lot of traditional Japanese work and has a large group of steady costumers for specialist work. Also Amsterdam Tattooing has a big group of costumers that come in to get their first tattoo done.

In the last twenty years the shop went trough a lot of metamorphoses. The ground floor is now divided in a welcoming-area and Peters spot of tattooing.



On the second floor only the tattoo artists work. Since the end of 2008 we now have an extra floor especially for piercing, sterilizing and tattoo removal . This gives the costumer and the artists more comfort.